Links to related NPOs and companies

NPO corporation senior work Ryoma21
An NPO that provides mutual support with the Takurou Association, makes members mainly in their 50s, creates opportunities for activities, and creates work. The motto is “No matter how old, people can talk about their dreams, learn, grow, and play an active part.” In 2013, we interviewed the tsunami experienced citizen in Miyagi Prefecture and in 2015 in Taro, Miyako, Iwate Prefecture, and compiled those interviews into a booklet.

Explosion Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Not only numerical analysis of explosions using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) but also development and production of supercomputers, simulation experiments related to all explosions, and widespread explosion experiments in Japan and overseas. It is the only company that offers such services. Our field of expertise also includes CFD simulations of all natural phenomena, such as earthquakes, tsunamis and even super-typhoons.