The NPO “Takurou” is an NPO that aims to support tsunami disaster prevention. This NPO learns from the experiences and knowledge of East Japan, represented by Tarou, Miyako City, a pioneer of tsunami countermeasures, and transfers them to Middle and West Japan, represented by Kuroshio-cho, which is predicted to suffer a 34-meter tsunami, which would be the largest in Japan, due to a Nankai Trough Earthquake. The name of the association is a combination of Tarou and Kuro in consideration of their contributions to tsunami countermeasures.

As the first of its activities to prevent tsunami disasters and promote countermeasures for weathering tsunamis, this NPO plans to construct the Tsunami Actual Water Experience Museums in Taro and Kuroshio Town. I.e.,, I would like to provide the facilities that allow people to feel what a tsunami is like and help them learn how to deal with a tsunami, including evacuation techniques, based on disaster case materials.

In order to make everyone to learn from their experience at the Tsunami Actual Water Experience Museums, to this end I need your cooperation and support.

The following three points are important for the Takurou Association:
(1) A Tsunami Actual Water Experience Museum patent was approved and registered.
(2) I am requesting support from the Japan Society for Natural Disasters.
(3) In order to obtain data from the Great East Japan Earthquake and data on tsunami disasters and to consider the response to the major tsunami that is predicted to follow a Nankai Trough Earthquake, we are planning the cooperation of both and all parties concerned.

Also, depending on the NPO membership fees and donations received, we are considering offering such benefits to members as free admission tickets and passes and special life jackets, as well as creating poster displays in the hall and opening shops that we hope everyone will patronize.

Eigai Hamada, Chief Director of NPO Takurou